Thursday, January 19, 2012

Craigslist Creeping

So I mentioned in my last post that when we bought our new furniture, we decided to try our hand at Craigs-listing two pieces we were replacing. I have to preface this by saying that Craigslist creeps me the eff out. Maybe I've seen one too many Today Show specials (much love to Matt Lauer!) on Craigslist killers, maybe it's because I think all strangers are out to kidnap me, but I have never done anything with Craigslist before.

So with that in mind, the hubby and I decided to give it a shot (but agreeing that if at anytime we got a creepy vibe, we would just back out). Well, Craigslisting creepers, you did NOT disappoint.

I was super-careful about picking people who didn't give me a creepy vibe. For example, the one person we sold our chest of drawers was a teacher and had a school email address. She got a green flag. Also, the woman who picked up the nightstand gave me a total, "I'm a Mom and I plan on re-doing this nightstand" vibe (which, by the way, was exactly what I was going to do with it if I didn't sell). She showed up in her mini-van and we felt good about that.
Chest of drawers - SOLD!
Nightstand - SOLD!

While we were Craigslisting the two pieces of furniture, we got to thinking about this annoyance that's been sitting in our garage. That would be this huge-ass stack of bricks:

So we put up a listing that said if someone would come pick them up, they could have them. And then the creepers came crawling out of the woodwork.

Introducing exhibit A:

Here are some easy ways to NOT be a creeper on Craigslist:
1. Whoa, buddy. Easy on the exclamation points
2. Emailing repeatedly (i.e. 5 times in one day) asking for an address = doesn't get any creepier
3. Try not to channel the whole "I'm going to murder you" vibe

Obviously this guy DID NOT come to pick up the bricks, instead we found a guy who has a local business (Google-approved!) that picked them up.

I've got to be honest, after we got rid of the stuff, the hubby and I were on a bit of a Craigslist high. What else did we have to Craigslist?! Plus, we made 140 bucks (re-thinking the asking price considering the fact that I'm still getting emails from people wanting to buy the dresser and nightstand!), which we're using on (of course) our new bedroom stuff.

So, has anyone else had any amazing Craigslist finds/creepy experiences? I'm thinking about venturing back out into the Craigslist world when I finally commit to redoing a piece of accent furniture.

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