Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Some people are photogenic. Others just aren't. I come from a long line of not-so-photogenics... My Mom and older sister, as beautiful as they both are, can't keep their eyes open in a picture if their lives depended on it.

Maybe it's all the years in the sorority (all those QUICK: hand-on-hip, shoulder-back, body-turned-in-slightly, neck-up, eyes-open group shots) that taught me how to be ready for a photo. Well, I think maybe I've gotten a little over-confident because, oh my - how times have changed.

You see, within the past few years, there's been a sudden rise in the popularity of having photo booths at weddings - even New Year's Eve parties. In fact, it seems as though about 75% of all weddings I attend have them. Never one to pass up documenting a night, the hubby and I always go take a pic or two. Once we get home, I usually throw the photos in a drawer with all the others.

Well, recently, when I was working on our happy wall in our guest bedroom, I was brainstorming what I could do with all of these photo booth photos. I've seen YHL do cute things; put in a cup so people can sift through them, frame them, etc.

Then, I laid out all the photos side-by-side and realized - wow, we're SO predictable. After about 2-5 glasses of wine, I will generally grab the hubby's hand and say "OK, let's go take our photo booth pic!" We grab hands and skip happily over to the booth. (OK, so maybe it didn't happen just like that.) First, we smile (look at us - aren't we precious?!), then we do something silly (this generally involves some sort of prop; most recently mustaches); then, we do something else silly; then, I say "Let's do a cute one and kiss!" Not one to turn down a chance to mug down in a photo booth, Greg obliges. These poses can really be in any order, though. Maybe it's the length of time we have to prepare (like two seconds!) or maybe it's the 2-5 glasses of wine, but these kissy photos have gotten increasingly creepy.

So much so, that the groom of one of the recent weddings we attended e-mailed out the best photo booth photos to some of his friends/groomsmen and thank-you-very-much, we made the list.

See what I mean:


Anyways, these are too hilarious to NOT do something with and we have more somewhere. Has anyone done anything with photo booth photos? Perhaps just framed them? I'll keep thinking on it.

Happy Wednesday!


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