Tuesday, November 22, 2011


If you watch (one of our fave shows on TV) How I Met Your Mother, you'll get the reference. But a friend of ours was inspired by the show's annual "Friendsgiving" party. So, we gathered together with a couple of Greg's friends/old co-workers and made a few new friends.

The week before, emails went back and forth about what everyone would bring. I made a few suggestions to the hubby including some kind of dip, an appetizer, a casserole/side dish or possibly a pie. So Greg signs us up for pie - uh correction: two pies. Apple and pumpkin. I was immediately a little on-edge. I know my way around the kitchen, but I happen to be a terrible baker. I don't even have a pie dish. I am like Betty Crocker's white trash sister in the kitchen. If I could over-bake, under-bake, burn, etc. any sort of sweet treat, I probably will.

So, I perused Pinterest and came across two really great recipes for pumpkin and apple pie.

And I would 100% recommend them both. I generally find a way to ruin things that I bake, but they both turned out really tasty!
Here are a few action shots and then the final product:
Can you tell I'm a little on-edge despite the smile? ;-)
Before the lattice work began
Ready for the Oven...
All in all, it was a total success. I had fried turkey for the first time (um, delicious!), amazingly good food (mac n cheese, garlic roasted mash potatoes, turducken and of course pie). Of course I only took one picture, but just to prove that Friendsgiving happened...
Hopefully, many more to come. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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