Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Home Decorating Continues: Guest Bedroom

Here we go again. We've tackled the master bedroom (although let's face it, that's still to be continued...), the master bathroom and now the guest bedroom. Or GB#1 (guest bedroom #1 for the slower ones) as we affectionately call it. So, let me explain where we are now. This was the only paint color in the whole house I was absolutely NOT OK with. And this includes that god-awful baby blue in our master bedroom. The paint color in GB#1 is called "chocolate cheesecake," but I think it's more of a "Oklahoma red dirt" or really just like someone took clay and rubbed it all over the walls. See for yourself.

Here's how the previous owners (shakes fist at them) had the room decorated. If you're wondering how I got these photos, I creepily took photos of each room at our inspection.

Not my cup of tea, but I guess they made it work.

Basically, the only thing in the entire room is a bed. We bought new bedding and sheets from Tarjay but we're pretty much starting from scratch.

If you've ever read this blog, then you probably know that this guest bedroom will become my gray and yellow themed room. (I've mentioned it a time or two.) I'm shooting to get this room together (although probably not 100%) by mid-May, when we have some guests coming to stay. First thing's first, paint color. Greg has been pretty hands-off on this room as he says it's "my vision" and let's face it, after the green paint color debacle in the master bathroom, this might not be a bad thing. It's still tough, though.

I'm hoping to choose a shade, test it and get the walls painted within the next few weeks. Although, I still have quite a few options. I've drawn arrows to my fave colors.

Any faves?

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