Monday, March 7, 2011

Sweet, Delicious Fried Goodness

While I try very hard to eat healthy most of the time (and I think I do!), I’m also a sucker for fast food, fried food and anything with a high calorie count and low self-esteem count. When I say low self-esteem count, I mean ya know when you eat something and you finish and you’re like “Wow, I’m really not proud of that.” Well, I really happen to like food like that.

I’m also a devout Catholic, so of course I’ve been thinking about what I’m going to give up for Lent for several weeks now. Last year, my hubby gave up fried foods and I thought he was crazy. I was totally shoveling tortilla chips down my throat when we went out for Mexican while he sat patiently waiting for his non-fried meal. So, when we were talking about what we’d give up, he told me he was definitely giving up fried food and suggested I do the same. Holy Chick-fil-a Meal #5 (8 count, mind you) with a sweet tea, Greg, is this a joke?! But then I thought about it and realized this is the PURPOSE of giving something up for Lent. It’s not supposed to be easy or convenient. So, Greg and I will both be giving up fried food for the next 40 days. Here’s what I’m going to miss the most:

First and foremost, my every other Friday lunch:

And a few other faves:

So keep me honest, y’all. If you catch me hunched in a corner somewhere woofing down french fries, call a sister out.

Happy Lent!

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