Monday, January 31, 2011

Secrets, secrets are no fun...

Unless that secret is a fun surprise for your hubby! I guess I’ll start out by saying that my hubby happens to be one of the sweetest people on this earth. Now before half of you give a standard rolling of the eyes and reach for the “close window” button, this post is not entirely an ode to my husband. But he does happen to be such a sweet, warm person who never wants for anything.

His birthday falls in early February, which happens to be a really busy time for him at work. When he’s working 75 hours per week, it’s difficult to find time to celebrate his birthday, so we’ve never really done much. This year, I was over the mini-celebrating, so began scheming. I invited a few of Greg’s close friends up for the weekend to surprise him for a fun birthday weekend to break up the monotony of the busy work time.

We were having a traditional “Benson Friday Night,” which includes a Dgiorno self-rising crust pizza (it’s better than anything delivered. I swear.), DVR’d episodes of Biggest Loser and The Soup, wine/whiskey (respectively) and cuddling on the couch. Basically, our idea of perfection, but very low-key. :-) So, it was a shock to Greg’s slightly drunk tipsy system when there was a knock on the door around 10:45 and his best friends bounced into our house ready to party!

What an amazing weekend we had! I’m so grateful to Greg’s pals for making the trip down. And a happy early 27th birthday to my hubby!
His friends Nick, Taylor and John and his brother Rob all spent the weekend with us. A few other guys from in town came out to The Gingerman to celebrate.

My brother-in-law's girlfriend, Taylor, came in town as did John's girlfriend, Emily! Here's the whole group.

And of course I made cakeballs for the birthday boy.

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