Saturday, January 8, 2011

2011 - The Year of Breezy

TMJ – no, it’s not a venereal disease. Though it kind of sounds like one, right? So recently I’ve been plagued by TMJ, otherwise known as chronic effing jaw pain. So I went to the dentist and got a night guard to help relieve some discomfort. Greg and I now having matching ones – it’s shuper-shweet.

Then, this week I ended up having to see a specialist. And when I say “specialist,” I mean charge $450/visit and not accept insurance. Cool. Here are three things I learned about myself from my $450 doctor:

1. My lower jaw is larger than my upper jaw. When the doctor said this, I’m pretty sure my face was something like this:

2. Even though I might not think so, I am too stressed out and channel this through my jaw. Apparently, it’s “in my personality.”
3. According to the doctor, I need to find ways to relieve this stress. I’m pretty sure he suggested I try yoga or meditation.

Oh really? Are you part jaw specialist, part psychologist? Should we talk about my feelings now? I’ll be going back next week to do trust falls and a ropes course.

In all seriousness, he actually was helpful and I am now working on a treatment plan to hopefully take care of the issue. So for me, 2011 is the year of BREEZY. In fact, my number one resolution is to take better care of myself and not stress so much. I’m not going to stress out about “what the plan is” for everything, I’m not going to let things bother me and on workdays, when the clock strikes 5:30 or 6:00, if it can wait until tomorrow, it probably will. This weekend, I plan to go pick up mah girl, Jillian Michaels’ yoga DVD. Let the breeziness begin!

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