Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Pregnancy: Week 36-37 in Review

Or rather what this post should be titled: "Pity Party For One."

Well, I'm reporting live from my living room couch - essentially the same place I've been since last Thursday. I've been sick and finally went to the doctor today and have an upper respiratory infection. NOT fun for this about-to-be 38 weeks pregnant lady. I'm taking some medication that my doctor OK'd and hope to be better in the next couple of days. In the meantime, you might consider avoiding me altogether until I get over this bout of sickness and accompanying pity party.
Feeling? Terrible, but I think 90% of it is related to my sickness.

Sleeping? Normally, I sleep alright. My cough is definitely keeping me up at night, which is really interrupting all the sleep/rest that people keep telling me I should be trying to get. 

Weight Gain? A little over 25 pounds.

Baby Size? No idea... They should give us an estimate at our appointment tomorrow, though! My guess is that he will be an 8 lb baby, though, by the time he arrives. Just a hunch! :-)

Maternity Clothes? I kind of don't even want to talk about it. But please don't judge if you see me wearing the same thing multiple times in the next two weeks. All I care about is being comfy and looking (relatively) presentable.

Cravings? Same as before... but I'm on a bit of a kick with sweets. I just got some Girl Scout Cookies last weekend and ummm, they are rocking my world. And my hubby picked me up a sugar cookie from Potbelly the other day and it literally made my entire day. Granted, I'd been home sick, alone all day, so it was a rather lame day, but still. (It's the little things.)

Baby Position? I'm pretty sure he's still breech. He's had some pretty violent movement over the past week or so, but don't think he's flipped. So we're scheduling a c-section.

What I Miss? Honestly, the only thing I really miss is just feeling good. Which I expect to return as soon as I get rid of this sickness.

What I'm Looking Forward To? We're putting a few finishing touches on the nursery and doing some major organization, so we're excited to get that done so I can begin to wait impatiently for our little one to arrive.

Best Moment? We've made a ton of progress on the nursery. I called in reinforcements (i.e. a few friends to help me with the gallery wall and my Mom to help me with some projects) and things are starting to look really good!

Belly Button Status?
Outie. And it doesn't even bother me anymore!

Breaking my cardinal rule of "No cell phone pics in the bathroom mirror" but the hubby has been working late so had to get creative...

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