Monday, February 11, 2013

Nursery Decor (Planning & Progress)

So, we've been working on the nursery quite a bit. Mainly just organizing and putting gifts away from our showers, but we're getting ready to start really pulling the room together.

What we've done:
- Put together the crib

- Finished the changing table (full post to come on this, but wanted to show you the finished product!)

Greg spent so much time and energy on this changing table and it's perfect. :-)

- Replace lighting fixture with drum light (see in below photo)
- Add a neutral rug (see above and below)
- Add side table for next to glider (see in below photo)

So, here's just a little sneak peek (excuse all the stuff all over the room!)

What we have left to do:
- Add glider - It should come in as early as this week... Or as late as mid-March. We're waiting on you, little glider!

Ours will be navy with white piping - it's from Buy Buy Baby

- Add book shelves (We bought a bunch of white photo ledges from Ikea that will serve as bookshelves. We'll add them right above the glider and are hoping to make this corner of the room our little reading nook where we can do bedtime stories.)

- Add curtains - something similar to these, but a few tweaks and in different colors:

I'm sending in for help (from my Mom) on this one!

- Do gallery wall above changing table - this will be a mix of photos and cute framed art that I've either DIY'd on Photoshop or will be ordering from Etsy.
- Add toy box - my stepdad is building Connor a toy box, which we think will live along the wall next to the crib. We may hang a small mirror and potentially a shelf and a hook above that, which can hold the diaper bag. Still figuring this one out.
- Hang pennant that says baby's name over his crib that my Mom made.

This is the pennant (picture from my baby shower)
So we're hoping to wrap up everything in the next two weeks... Can't wait to show you the finished product!

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