Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Pregnancy: Week 34-35 in Review

There have been lots of changes over the past two weeks. My sweet little baby kicks have turned into moments of "Excuse me, can you just stop what you're saying for a minute as my baby is moving my insides around and it's rather hard to concentrate." Nothing painful, just errrr...uncomfortable? Distracting? I originally had a feeling this would be an easy, low-key, laid-back baby, but now I'm not so sure. What do you know? He's not even here yet and I already can't control my own child. ;-) But on to the recap...

Feeling? I feel alright. I really do. Things are getting a little harder. I get tired more quickly, my ankles swell at the end of the day and I just don't have the energy or motivation to exercise like I did before (Sorry, Summer Sanders pregnancy DVD. Not today!) But overall, I'm still relatively comfortable.

Sleeping? Normally, I sleep alright. I wake up several times a night to go to the bathroom or flip over (which is a task in itself), but I think the real loser on the sleeping end is my poor hubby. I have what I'm just going to call "pregnancy congestion," which means I've started snoring. I've given him full permission to move to the guest bedroom on nights where it gets too bad.

Weight Gain? I've gained nearly 25 pounds. Whatevs. I'm growing a human.

Baby Size? At of the end of week 35, he was 6 lbs (or so they say). There's really no way for them to tell the exact weight

Maternity Clothes? My maternity wardrobe is quite narrow now as I've outgrown a few items... But aside from one tunic I bought from Target, I refuse to buy anything else!

Cravings? Same as before... Sweet pickles, chips, pineapples, apples. But I'm into a new thing where I let myself indulge in one naughty craving a week. Week 34 was chili dogs (no judging) and Week 35 was a ginormous box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch... because, I mean really... how great is that cereal?!

What I Miss? Being able to lean over and easily get on and off of our big chair in our living room.

What I'm Looking Forward To? Now that all of our showers are done, I'm just ready to finish the nursery and hang out with my hubby the last few weeks before baby arrives.

Best Moment? Getting to visit friends and family at our baby showers! Also, pretty much anytime anyone says, "You look so great! I can't even tell your pregnant until I see your belly." What people don't realize is that no matter how small or not swollen you still are, you definitely don't FEEL that way. So it's such a self-esteem booster!

Belly Button Status? Outie. And. Owning. It.

Baby Position? {new category} He's still breech (head up). But by the time it's time for me to have this baby (one way or another), I will literally have tried every (safe) option to get him to flip. So, if he decides not to flip, I think I'll be at peace. :-)

Other fun happenings:
We got to see our littlest love on Valentine's Day!
Fun with trying to flip the baby - this is my ironing board "breech tilt"

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