Monday, October 15, 2012

The Real Deal Behind Pre-Natal Yoga

I started a prenatal yoga class about 3 weeks ago - the main reason was simply because I wanted to stay (somewhat) active during pregnancy, but I also thought it would be a good way to relax, prepare for labor and maybe meet a preggo friend in the 'burbs. Well, fast-forward 3 weeks and I've learned a few things.
1. No giggling out loud.
On my first visit to yoga, I really had no expectations. My only previous experience with yoga was about 25 minutes of a 90 minute hot yoga session. So let me back up - I guess I would say that I did have the expectation that it wouldn't be 100+ degrees in the studio, it wouldn't smell like the bottom of the ball pit at McDonald's play place and I wouldn't almost faint. Lucky for me, hot yoga is nothing like prenatal yoga. But what I didn't expect... was the giggles. While we had one hand over our heart and the other "hugging" our baby and my instructor uttered the words "Clear your mind. You are a strong, confident, peaceful warrior mama..." Sorry, now, can we back up? I'm a WHAT?! I opened my eyes to peek at the other "warrior mamas" in my class to see if anyone else found this at all hilarious. Um, they did not. So now my rule is no giggling in class.

2. It's allllll about "all natural."
Maybe this isn't news to anyone else, but it was news to me. Turns out many, many women take prenatal yoga classes to help prepare themselves for childbirth. Natural childbirth. While I don't knock anyone who wants to go the au-natural route, I'm just more of a "keep-the-epidural-on-ice-I'm-on-the-way" kinda gal. In fact, it appears that I'm the only one in my class who isn't trying for a natural birth. One gal even previously had a *shudders* water birth. The instructor makes many comments about doing things the natural way, eating only organic foods (as I quickly stash my Cool Ranch Doritos in my purse) and even how we sit, stand and sleep.

3. Clothing choice can be important.
The first two classes, I carefully picked out my yoga outfits, but by week 3 I just kind of threw on what I found in my drawer. Well, I didn't really think about it until I walked into the class, but what I found in my drawer was actually a t-shirt that says "Pizza Hut is for Lovers" - I got it for free somewhere and it's super-soft but I definitely got a few looks when I walked in. (See #2)

4. "Time to do more kegels!"
One thing I was not expecting during the class was to get in a crouching position and be instructed to "practice your kegels." Say wha?

Yes, these are the same things you read about in your smuggled Cosmopolitan Magazine in high school - apparently they help in childbirth and afterward. I swear, of the one hour class, we easily spend 10 minutes doing kegels. I mean, geez, I could prop my ass in the air and practice those in the comfort of my own home. There's something about doing them in a class setting that is just a little odd.

So, while it's a pretty different experience than what I expected, here I am, ready for next week's class. It may be weird, but I sort of enjoy the classes each week and if nothing else, it's an hour of peace and quiet where I can totally relax. I just told the hubby that if I start getting brain-washed and start talking about an all-natural childbirth, to kindly yank me from that class. I do know my limits.



  1. This made me laugh so hard, Lauren! Congratulations to you and Greg :)

  2. haha I had this exact same experience! Once they had us talking about our fears, which was awkward anyways, and one lady said she was scared she might have to use an "intervention", which I picked up to mean "epidural". I wanted so badly to say that my fear was not getting there in time to get my epidural.