Thursday, February 24, 2011

Wardrobe Issues

I really don’t think of myself as a particularly stylish person. I have my moments, but I find that most trends that are “in” just don’t interest me. And I’m OK with that. Just because it’s on the runway doesn’t mean it works for every day. I have friends who are really stylish who can pull it off, but I don’t think I’m one of those.

I tend to get really stuck on certain things. Case in point: during about a six-month time frame in 2009, I was really into turtlenecks. OK, that was actually painful to write. I feel like I should really spend some time alone and just think about that. Weird. I swear I went on a shopping trip and was showing the hubby all my new stuff and he actually sat me down and said “We need to talk. You have a turtleneck problem.” I literally looked down and it just occurred to me that almost all the tops I had bought had some sort of “neck thing” going on.

Well this weekend, I went on another shopping trip and dontcha know it, I’ve found another subconscious obsession. This time? Ruffles. Literally everything I bought (including a pair of flats) had some kind of ruffles on it. Does anyone know if ruffles will be in this spring? Geez, I sure hope so.

While I appreciate Greg’s sometimes needed interventions, he also has no problem letting me know when he’s not quite feeling what I wear. A few years ago, I bought what I thought was a really cute spring dress; Greg referred to it as my moo-moo. Errrr. For my bridal shower, my bridesmaids made him answer questions about our relationship and it was a quiz during the shower. (Super-cute!) When asked if there was one thing of mine he could throw away…? You guessed it. My “moo-moo” dress. Cue the “awwwwwww.”

Now fast-forward to Monday morning, I decided to sport my new cute black flats; Greg referred to them as my “slippers.” I started to give him an “aww, bless your heart” look and explain that they were regular shoes and then I realized, OMG, he’s giving me the same look. :-)

But the truth is, I give Greg just as much trouble as he gives me about his work wardrobe, which mostly consists of pleated pants and blue shirts, white shirts and blue and white shirts that all pretty much look the same. It’s sort of embarrassing; I’m convinced his co-workers think he only has like four shirts.
(But it’s all in fun and we adore each other without or without fashionable clothes.)

And, in closing, if you see me walking along rockin’ shoes that look like slippers, a moo-moo or any kind of treacherous outfit, please don’t hesitate to intervene. Apparently this home girl could really use the help.


  1. I like ruffles! and slippers! and I own a legit moo-moo.. although I only wear it on cinco de mayo. But whenever I want to really criticize my wardrobe, I go check out my sophomore year of college "going out" shirts... oh my goodness :/

  2. Courtney, that's too funny! Yes, my going out tops just screamed Charlotte Rousse outlet store.