Thursday, December 6, 2012

Baby List-ing

Wow, no blogging for three weeks and then three posts all in one week. Can you tell my hubby is out of town?

Plus, whenever I come across something I think is cool/useful/fun, I can't help but share!

So, I just told you about our baby registering, which went relatively smooth, but I was also doing some researching online to see if Etsy had a baby registry (they don't)... but can we talk for a second about the fact the Etsy DOES have a wedding registry?!

Ummm, friends who are getting married: can someone please take advantage of this?! No more registering for ugly wall art at Bed, Bath & Beyond (or was just that us that did that...?). I love the idea that you can pick out super-cute, hand-made home items that guests can buy that you will actually WANT to display in your home. Hopefully, someone takes advantage of this soon!

On another note, I did come across a service called (And yes is the actual URL.)

Basically, it allows you to register for anything that you can buy online and it aggregates it into a registry list. It adds an "Add to BabyList" button to your browser (just like the Pinterest "Pin it" button) so you can easily add things to the list. It's great because it allows me to keep track of things I'd like for the baby and then you can share it with friends and family in case they'd like to buy something from that list. I, by no means, EXPECT people to buy from the list as it's a little less "essentials" and more "things that I'll probably end up buying any way" but I always love giving a personal, cute gift that I know someone actually wants. For me, it's definitely acting as a "bookmark" for things I'd like for the baby or his nursery (such as a cute diaper bag tote, a baby book, crib sheets, a crib mobile, etc.).

So, for any Mommies-to-be out there, you should totally check it out! Has anyone used it before?

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