Monday, March 11, 2013

Pregnancy: Week 38-39 in Review

Well, we've come to the end, folks. This is the last "Pregnancy Review" blog post! The exciting news is that Connor will be arriving on Wednesday morning and WE. CAN'T. WAIT. He'll be here just one day before his actual due date.

Feeling? Excited, scared, anxious and totally joyful! Physically? Errrr, fairly uncomfortable. We're definitely ready.

Sleeping? Meh. I sleep OK some nights, not so great others.

Weight Gain? A little over 25 pounds.

Baby Size? As of week 38, they estimated his weight at 7 lbs, 5 oz. But really, who knows? My weight guess at birth is 8 lb, 3 oz. And we'll know soon enough!

Maternity Clothes? Oh lord, I'm so over maternity clothes. When I'm shopping (usually for something really awesome like extra nursing pads or a diaper genie), I always stare longingly at the non-maternity clothes...

Cravings? Same as before... but I'm still on a bit of a kick with sweets. I'm literally drooling as I scan Pinterest dessert boards. And I may or may not be eating a pint of ice cream as we speak. This can neither be confirmed or denied.

Baby Position? Well after weeks of effort, hours of tilts/being upside down and hundreds of dollars worth of acupuncture and chiropractor, unfortunately the little guy is still head-up, so he needs a little help coming out. So, we'll be going in for a c-section on Wednesday morning. At first, I was extremely upset and it's certainly not what I wanted for my birth experience, but I've had several weeks to let the idea soak in and I've found the positive in it. The main thing is that we get a healthy baby, which is all we want!

What I Miss? I do miss walking like a regular person. In the past two weeks, I've definitely gotten the token "pregnant person" waddle down pretty pat.

What I'm Looking Forward To?
Meeting my baby boy, of course!

Best Moment? Lots! I finally got over my sickness, we finished up the nursery (well, except for that blasted glider that we're still waiting for. Little Castle Gilder Company and BuyBuyBaby are about to get on my shit list, if I don't get a call this week that it's arrived!) and Greg delivered my "push" present early! 

Belly Button Status? Outie. I could probably poke an eye out with that thing...

Once we get the glider in, I'll definitely do a belated blog post to share all the nursery photos. It's so precious! And I'll be sure to share photos at some point after he arrives.

Last bump pic at week 39 and a sneak peak at the nursery!
 Wish us luck! ;-)

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