Sunday, November 4, 2012

Pregnancy: Week 18-21 in Review

Well I feel like I've definitely gotten in the swing of this whole pregnancy thing. Here's a quick look at the first few weeks of my second trimester:

Feeling? I feel fantastic! I'm definitely growing, but I'm still comfortable and feeling good overall. So, I'm trying to do as much now while I feel good!

Weight Gain? About 8 pounds as of today.

Baby Size?
We've graduated from a bell pepper to the length of a carrot. According to my all-knowing BabyCenter app, he weighs about 3/4 pound and is about 10 1/2 inches long.

Maternity Clothes?
Yes, my normal wardrobe has shrunk in size... But I've found some cute maternity tops and I finally broke down and bought some maternity jeans. I'm still rocking the belly band with my work dress pants, but those days are numbered. My favorite thing to wear is my maternity leggings (they are from H&M and they have a full belly built in - most maternity leggings I've found sit below the bump). If only those were considered "business casual"...

Cravings? Nothing specific, but I still love anything salty and fruit. I'm eating lots of pineapple, strawberries, apples and bananas. I still think about french onion dip quite often, but I've cut back (for the sake of maintaining a not huge ass).

What I Miss? Every once in a while, I miss being able to drink a nice adult beverage (especially on a really nice day on a patio). But other than that, I'm just really enjoying this part of pregnancy.

Fears? Why yes, I have a mountain of them, but I try to focus on the small ones such as the fact that my belly button is getting shallower. I don't know if I'm destined for a maternity "outie" but my fingers are crossed that I'm not.

What I'm Looking Forward To? We've painted the nursery (pics to come!) and now we're getting started on some other nursery projects, which should be fun. Baby registry day is coming up this week, too.

Best Moment?
The baby has started moving so much. I feel him every day and I absolutely love it! Greg even got to feel a kick for the first time this weekend. :-)

Breaking my cardinal rule of no iPhone in the mirror pics, but Greg was out of town!

It was Halloween. I couldn't help myself...

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